Thursday, January 20, 2011

New beginnings

Have you ever wanted to have a fresh start? At a place in your life that you feel the need to wipe the slate clean and start again? As a single mom, those feelings of wanting to start again run rampant. It's hard because there is less money than you had before. Yet, there are children that need your time, your care and money to provide for them. As a single parent you are pulled in so many ways, job, family, school work, home to name a few and sometimes time does not allow you the chance to recharge. What about the endless decisions you make daily and there's no one right there to help you or even hold you accountable to being the person you want to be.  Seek out a support group. A few special people that will just sit and listen when you need to vent but not afraid to stand up and hold you accountable to your choices. Everyone needs a friend that they can let down their hair with. Being single can be a wonderful opportunity to find out just what you are made of. It's a new beginning!